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Wednesday, 26, August, 2009

Black Crowned Night Heron

Filed under: Natural History — williamthecoroner @ 20:08

A56 Black-crowned Night Heron So there I was, driving by Green Lake, where I usually can expect to see at least one great blue heron stalking around in the shallows. Today, I saw a heron, but it wasn’t a great blue, it was shorter, with a black cap and brighter colouring. I think it was one of these, a black-crowned night heron. It is the migratory season for them, and a new one for the life list.


  1. Wow! How very cool.

    Comment by rj — Wednesday, 26, August, 2009 @ 20:53 | Reply

  2. Beautiful! I saw my first Black Oystercatchers a few weeks ago — added to my life list as well.

    Comment by Miz Minka — Thursday, 27, August, 2009 @ 00:22 | Reply

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  4. Searched these because they have created quite a nuisance in our neighborhood. And there was your blog in the search results. I hope you continue to enjoy them, from a distance. Because if they decide that your neighborhood is the one to nest in you’re in for a ton of sleepless nights (they’re cry sounds like a dog barking), ruined auto paint (their waste is highly acidic and eats through the factory finish) and just kind of inept in general (they will stand in the middle of the road and stare down the grill of a car, any car.) Pretty birds though.

    Comment by Steph Armstrong — Sunday, 11, September, 2011 @ 15:28 | Reply

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