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Tuesday, 28, July, 2009

A Food Bleg

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Oh, wise and worldly readers–have any good restaurant recommendations for Columbus, Ohio?  I recently had a meal at a brewpub there that was quite good.  And I’d be really happy if I could remember the name of it.  But I can’t, more’s the pity.  I avoid national chains like the plague.  I’m looking for some place with good food, and the chance for some decent conversation.  Brewpubs are nice, German food is good (though I’ll bet German Village will be jammed on a weekend evening) French, Italian, something like that.  I have no personal objections to Asian, but I don’t think the evening will go that way.

And if you could help me remember the place I went to, that was near the university and some sort of West Side Market analogue, I’d be quite grateful.  C’mon hippocampus, work with me.

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  1. Hmmm… BJs brew house on Polaris is outstanding for your next visit. Varied items from a range of menus. Should be able to find something for any taste.

    Can you be any more specific on the place you went to near campus???

    Comment by J — Tuesday, 28, July, 2009 @ 21:19 | Reply

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