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Tuesday, 7, July, 2009

She Got In!

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I do admissions interviews for my uni.  Several times, I’ve had people in my classes who are applying to professional schools.  We’re not allowed to interview the people we already know.  I suppose that’s a good thing, so as the interview process is not contaminated by outside influences.  Sometimes I find it frustrating.

I’ve been pretty fortunate with my students.  There are rare whiners and folks who are in serious need of dope -slap therapy, but on the whole the students I have to interact with are intelligent, eager, and work hard.   I couldn’t ask for better.   The pity of it is, some of our graduate students do really well, and would make perfectly fine professonals get weeded out on the numbers.  My uni enjoys good rankings on the US News and World Report lists.  One way they maintain that ranking is by weeding out folks with lower MCAT scores.

It is a wag-the-dog situation.  Standardized testing is good for determining who will do well in the first year of college or professional school or whatever.  There is some way of looking at people from diverse backgrounds, as a common metric.  However, it is not reciprocal.  Someone can do well in medical school and have poor numbers on the MCAT.   I have had graduate student tutors working for me teaching the material to medical students but they could not get admission to the medical school where they were tutoring.  My undergraduate institution made the SAT optional two decades ago, and still is highly selective–I believe they had nearly 5000 applicants for 450 incoming slots in 2009.

Be that as it may, I just found out that one of my students from last year was accepted.  She was quiet, didn’t say much.  Other folks in class participated more and made more of an impression.  Until the final grades came out, and several folks whom I was sure would be in the A range earned Bs, and this one whom I’d kind of discounted wiped the floor with the final exam.   I spoke with the admissions folks, but the student wound up on the wait list, and they wouldn’t budge.  Obviously, a spot opened up and she’s in.  I’m really glad when that happens.


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  1. I too was really happy to hear from her that she was accepted there. Somehow she must have come across as the over-studious (or under- from your impression) type in your class… since she’s not really all that quiet (out of class, at least).

    Comment by mholzmann — Tuesday, 14, July, 2009 @ 00:16 | Reply

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