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Thursday, 2, July, 2009

What, I’m Getting Spam From Mr. Subliminal?

Filed under: Blogania — williamthecoroner @ 09:45

subliminalOn a completely unrelated post, blue pill, I get a comment with the name of a popular drug, blue pill.  The comment then goes on to explain in very stilted language blue pill, what the pharmaceutical they’re selling actually does, blue pill.  (Erection process, WTF, over?) Every time they write blue pill, blue pill, it is hyperlinked to their site.

Now, I am in favour of free speech, fucktard spammer, but there is no free lunch.  I will take, lying scumbags, the opportunity to mock them and their cheap medication, placebo effect.  Unhappily, most of this spam is generated by bots, lazy bums, who don’t read this site, so I don’t get the pleasure of laying a CrankyLitProf smackdown, language master, where it’ll do the most good.  Pity, because this is when the phrase cum-burbling trout fucker needs to be used.



  1. I love you.

    Comment by Christina LMT — Friday, 3, July, 2009 @ 00:26 | Reply

  2. If I had more thumbs, they’d be up, too.

    Comment by red rabbit — Monday, 6, July, 2009 @ 20:26 | Reply

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