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Wednesday, 1, July, 2009

1st July

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It is the first of July. The medical year runs from July to June. On the first, everyone advances one step. MS-IV become PGY-I. (interns) Interns become residents, senior residents become fellows or attendings in their own right. At the med school, we’re most worried about the new ducklings.* There is a saying, though, “Don’t get sick in July.” This is true. The interns have no experience. The residents have plenty of experience, but they are either recovering from their internship year or learning how to be managers instead of interns. There is a learning curve. It varies from intern to intern how steep it is.

Now, medical people, in general, tend to be smart with pretty significant ego strength. It takes a special kind of personality to get up on your hind legs, and go use all sorts of machines and poisons to think you’re going to make someone better. Similar personalities can be found flying fighter jets.

Whitecoat has a story of his learning curve.



  1. Note taken…. Do not get sick in July. Thats an important thing to know.

    Comment by Carteach0 — Thursday, 2, July, 2009 @ 06:02 | Reply

  2. God, that story IS priceless!

    Comment by Christina LMT — Monday, 6, July, 2009 @ 07:53 | Reply

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