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Sunday, 21, June, 2009


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It’s the longest day of the year. Time to pour ale on a tree.

Friday, 19, June, 2009

Sappy Cat Blogging

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for sappy cat blogging. Today, it’s the Cougar Network, courtesy of LabRat of Atomic Nerds. I would like to see the big cats come back east of the Mississippi. Here, kitty, kitty.

Thursday, 18, June, 2009


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hyberbasdfgMalaysia has them. Hat tip, LEX. The Maylasian Navy has converted a container ship, the Bunga Mas Lima to an armed anti-piracy vessel to go out and act as a decoy off Somalia. No information is given on the kind of armament, but considering the Somali pirates are using Boston Whalers with kind of ratty AK-47’s, a couple Ma Deuces would be sufficient, and a Bushmaster would probably be overkill. As a matter of historical interest for stopping pirates, I think the ship should be armed with long 32-pounders. Those’d work just fine. But I think they should bring back the old uniforms as well.

Monday, 15, June, 2009

White Tail

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iStock_000000056964XSmall There were two four prong white tail bucks in velvet that were eating the leaves of a tulip tree in the front yard of a house on my street today. They looked pretty tender, and I’d been reading up on venison recently, trying to see if I could get some from a local butcher.

There are more and more deer locally. Some cities have sponsored hunts. Personally, I think the best idea is the re-introduction of large predatory cats. Tigers would do perfectly well in this climate. I think I’m in the minority on this one.

Saturday, 13, June, 2009

So, It Happened

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I came home and found out my television did not have a digital tuner. Now, I didn’t expect the Philco to still work, that thing has vacuum tubes. But the “new” one wasn’t new enough.

Now, all I get is Unavision and a Spanish shopping channel. I really don’t know that I care. The public TV stations are begging, again, with the 157th iteration of Andre Rieu meets Celtic Women in a cage match (actually, I’m kidding. That’s actually something I’d actually watch. My money’s on the Celtic Women.)

So, is it actually worth the money for a converter box? So far, no.

That’s Nice to Hear

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From an old student:

What was the new rifle you brought to last fall’s range field trip? At some point I’d like to get a bolt-action rifle for shooting fun and historical nostalgia, and it’s nice to know what I’ve shot so I know where to start looking and what I might like to purchase. Thanks to the range field trips, your blog, and the introduction to Brigid’s blog, I took my conceal carry class this past weekend and am going to be submitting that app. More toys for the wish list…

It’s a Mauser K98 in 8 x 57mm, btw.

Friday, 12, June, 2009

Sappy Cat Blogging

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M roll 4

Thursday, 11, June, 2009

Going Crackers

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A wet, dreary day, and the weather was too bad to go outside and play.  Also, I found myself short of crunchy things in the pantry.  The solution was obvious: make crackers.  I used Alton Brown’s Seedy Crisps recipe, though fir the first batch I used King Arthur Flour’s Seed Mixture; and for the second batch I threw in caraway seeds and some grated cheddar cheese.

Alton says to roll it thin and cook it 4 minutes per side, mine took about ten minutes.  It came out soft and chewy and warm–which was wonderful, but more “fresh pita bread” than “cracker”.  If I leave them sit to air dry on racks they will crisp up, I’m sure.

Wednesday, 10, June, 2009

Keys To The Kingdom

medeco_key.144100011_stdMy office door was re-keyed recently.  I’m not sure why, but now every time I want to get in my office I have to call Security.  I’m developing quite a nice friendship with the guard, but I know she has better things to do with her time than to let me in.

Now.  I turned in the old key to security.  They receive the old keys and  issue the new keys.  The key shop actually makes the new keys.  I turned in the old key a couple of weeks ago.  You have to turn in the old one to get the new one.  Fine.  I still don’t have my key.  I was informed that I’ve been asking for too many door openings.  Evidently faculty are limited to three lock-outs per semester.  The key shop still has not made my key, it might take another couple of weeks.  These are Medeco, high security keys.  The blanks are cut on a special machine, and it is hard to get all the blanks.  So, you can’t just traipse down to the old hardware store and get a key made.  Plus, the keys are marked “Do not duplicate” but busy clerks sometimes don’t look.  I’m sure there are plenty of blanks in the university key shop, though.

I would also like to point out that I also have Medeco keys on my home.  The last time I needed keys, I went to the locksmith that put them in, and he cut them in a quarter of an hour.  So, to recapitulate, security does not want to open my office again, but I won’t get a key for another month, and the night watch makes sure that the door is locked if I leave it open.  (Frankly, I appreciate the last bit, things do sometimes grow legs and walk away if doors aren’t locked)

This makes sense to the bureaucratic mind.  I don’t posess one, and it seems silly to me.  If I knew where the freaking key shop was, I could go and bring food, which usually greases the skids, but I don’t know where it is.

Monday, 8, June, 2009

Forensics In The News.

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This post will discuss the David Carradine case. It is always sad to have someone die by accidental means. It is worse when that person is a public figure, as there are folks who will attempt to profit from it. Dale Ernhardt’s autopsy photos were published for no other reason than prurient interest. I will not show photos, nor will I do anything to add to the distress of the family. However, for those of a more sensitive disposition, I suggest you don’t read this post. (more…)

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