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Saturday, 13, June, 2009

So, It Happened

Filed under: Life, the universe, & everything. — williamthecoroner @ 15:03

I came home and found out my television did not have a digital tuner. Now, I didn’t expect the Philco to still work, that thing has vacuum tubes. But the “new” one wasn’t new enough.

Now, all I get is Unavision and a Spanish shopping channel. I really don’t know that I care. The public TV stations are begging, again, with the 157th iteration of Andre Rieu meets Celtic Women in a cage match (actually, I’m kidding. That’s actually something I’d actually watch. My money’s on the Celtic Women.)

So, is it actually worth the money for a converter box? So far, no.


  1. Welcome to the club! I have not owned a TV in a year now. There’s ones I can watch if I wish, but it’s so seldom I care to.

    I would like to know if this is a growing trend……

    Comment by Carteach0 — Saturday, 13, June, 2009 @ 16:12 | Reply

  2. Amazing, isn’t it, that this gets more attention than, say, vaccination or genocide in Darfur?

    We just spent the weekend with the inlaws. We counted at least 9 televisions in their 3-bedroom house. I wish I had a snapshot of my brother-in-law’s face when I told him we didn’t own a television.

    Comment by Angry Professor — Sunday, 14, June, 2009 @ 06:54 | Reply

  3. I own one, but mainly watch news (such as it is…) sigh…

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 14, June, 2009 @ 17:56 | Reply

  4. Our 13″ set was not new enough to connect to the DVD player/stereo system, and _that_ is why we upgraded. We like the new PBS en español channel [lots of travel videos, concerts, and cooking shows], and the canned-music+weather-radar is useful. Other than that…. [shrug] It is nice, though, not to have to watch DVDs on the laptop.

    Oh, and I’d love to see a smackdown between assorted PBS pledge drive programs! Celtic Woman vs Andre Rieu! Suzie Orman vs the Piano Lessons Guy! Any of the Oldies shows vs all of Marty’s “Wild America” creatures! Whee!

    Comment by rethoryke — Tuesday, 16, June, 2009 @ 10:44 | Reply

  5. I have not even hooked up my converter boxes. I have three TVs in the house and I seldom turn them on. They are more of a dust collector than anything else. From time to time I will watch a DVD, but that is on my laptop.

    Comment by Katie — Thursday, 18, June, 2009 @ 10:19 | Reply

  6. We have a TV, but no rabbit ears. Got a converter box, but it’s still sitting in its cardboard box. I just can’t be bothered. What I do want to watch, I catch on Netflix or Hulu.com.

    Comment by Miz Minka — Thursday, 18, June, 2009 @ 12:22 | Reply

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