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Saturday, 23, May, 2009

Beginning of the Summer Season

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It is interesting, how things change over time.  In the ancient world, the new year didn’t start until March (Spring).  The late winter and early spring were times of privation, where you ate up the rest of your supplies of meat (carne, i.e. carivale) lest they go bad and had forty or so days of tight rations.

With transportation and all, I we’ve moved away from those times.  It is nice to be able to get fresh fruit in winter-pricey, but nice.

Memorial Day is the official start of summer, though speaking of disconnects, they’re still playing basketball this week.  I thought that was a winter sport.  White shoes and straw hats can come out of storage–like anyone still has them, and be out until Labor day.  The Cleveland Indians will, once again, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and end up in the cellar.  What else is new.  The Church of the Annunciation is having their festival on W14th st.  It just isn’t memorial day weekend without a visit and picking up some Greek pastries.

There are still memorial markers on South Park and Liberty (now MLK) Boulevard.  I passed Highland Park Cemetery yesterday with rows and rows of flags.  We still enjoy unprecedented freedoms and liberties, thanks to the efforts of those who serve and have served, whom I’m afraid will get short shrift in the coming years.   As the WWII generation is dying off, the people who fought in WWI and the Great Rebellion are forgotten except for oddly-dressed statues in parks.   It is a pity that to honor more recent folks, the older ones are forgotten.

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  1. Agreed- This all started in Lexington with the Minute Men… We need to remember ALL those who gave their lives to allow us the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 24, May, 2009 @ 17:50 | Reply

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