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Sunday, 3, May, 2009

Seminars in Forensic Anatomy

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The class is over.  The students all gave their presentations to the class, and they did it for the department as a whole (or those members of the department who bothered to show up).  Frankly, I was disappointed that more faculty members did not show up.  My students did a very good job.

They all had to prepare a power-point presentation about some case with particular attention to the forensic aspects of the class.  All of our students have a seminar class where they have to make a poster and a presentation for another professor.  However, those skills are difficult to master, and people need the practice.  I have gotten pretty good at power point presentations, and am a decent lecturer.  It has taken me YEARS to get to this point, however.  Part of it is mastery of the material, part of it is practice.  I always hated the lecturers who read the slides.  It is a fine art to know what to mention and what to leave for the audience.  They’re getting better.

This week (and I’d better remind them) my students will e-mail me a precis of their presentations, and I will have them guest blog their presentations.  They did some good work, I’d like to see them get some more exposure.


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  1. Oh yeah, learning HOW to actually give a presentation is something that takes a while… I work with people who STILL read the slide after 20+ years…sigh…

    Comment by Old NFO — Tuesday, 5, May, 2009 @ 00:22 | Reply

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