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Tuesday, 28, April, 2009

Insert Spit-Take Here

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Over lunch, I was paging through the TV Tropes and Idioms Wiki (thank you, Labrat and Stingray for that time sink).  Oh, look.  Clever people talking amongst themselves. You learn a few things, and a few things give you hope for humanity.  The following is this little take on those annoying Head On ads, which gets better (or worse) from there: (I particularly like the line about the homeopathic headache cure)

And lest we forget: HeadOn. Apparently, it’s supposed to do something if you apply it to the forehead, but people only remember and make fun of it for the silly Catch Phrase.

  • I always assumed it was acne medicine. The box on the commercial says that it’s a “topical analgesic”. Wonders never cease.
  • I thought they were trying to imply that it would cure headaches without actually saying so (because if they made an explicit medical claim they’d need evidence to back it up, along with one of those lists of possible side effects).
    • They cant actually make the claim because it’s a placebo. Essentially just a tube of wax.
    • No, it’s a tube of balm. There’s a difference… I guess….
    • To be precise, it’s “homeopathic”. As in diluted down to nothing. So Yeah.
    • Wait, how can you have a homeopathic headache cure? Wouldn’t that be giving you a very small headache to cure the big one? I’m confused.
    • It’s a piece of flim-flam.
    • It contains a part-per-million of potassium dichromate and a part-per-trillion of white bryony. For that last one, it’s the equivalent of a drop of water in 20 olympic swimming pools. Basically a molecule or two per tube of wax. So yeah, it IS only a piece of wax.

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  1. It’s kind of a shame that it isn’t spherical, since then you could say the credulous were buying “the whole ball of wax” [one of those sayings that gets progressively opaque the more you think about it].

    Comment by rethoryke — Wednesday, 29, April, 2009 @ 15:08 | Reply

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