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Wednesday, 22, April, 2009

Some People Think MY Job Is Bad

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But I don’t have a category of things that I refuse to work with. Unlike this organic chemist, who has quite a list. Go forth and read, a small sample:

The experimental section of the paper enjoins the reader to wear a face shield, leather suit, and ear plugs, to work behind all sorts of blast shields, and to use Teflon and stainless steel apparatus so as to minimize shrapnel. Hmm. Ranking my equipment in terms of its shrapneliferousness is not something that’s ever occurred to me, I have to say.

I also like the word shrapneliferousness. A lot.

As an aside, noting my problems with SCIENCEBLOGS, Corante looks like it is worth exploring. As with any source, I’m sure there is bias, one just needs to identify it.


  1. I’ve been following Derek Lowe’s blogs (he wasn’t always paid by Corante to write, and sometimes has a bit on The Atlantic Online) off and on for a few years now, and he is usually fairly good about separating what his personal opinion is from the things that are supported facts. Plus, his regular readers and assorted visitors – some of them a bit nuts, as when he posts about Kevin Trudeau – take him to task for his most glaring oversights. Enjoy the archives.

    Comment by charles — Thursday, 23, April, 2009 @ 00:27 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the reminder to read “In the Pipeline”. I was lecturing on procedures this week, and the “What I won’t work with” was a great segue into why procedures ideally need to contain warnings about what _could_ go wrong…

    Comment by rethoryke — Thursday, 23, April, 2009 @ 22:24 | Reply

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