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Friday, 10, April, 2009

Falcon at the Lake

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peregrine_falcon_lg2 I took a drive today along Lake Erie, hoping to avoid the crowds for the Indians home opener. I stopped at the East 55th St. Marina, which is always a pretty good birding spot. It’s right next to CEI, and the warm water plume keeps the lake open there all year, and attracts a lot of birds.

There were some mergansers, grebes, and coots paddling around, many Canada geese, the usual collection of ring-billed and herring gulls, a greater black-backed gull (hard to miss that one, it’s a gull that’s as big as a goose). Buffleheads were bobbing up and down in the sheltered waters.

I noticed that all the gulls and birds were sitting out on the water. Only the geese and the black-backed were sitting on land. Looking up, I thought I saw a kestrel. The standard falconoid shape, pointy wings, long tail, appropriate colour. Then it landed on the light pole, and I could tell scale. I think it was one of the peregrine falcons that are nesting on the Terminal Tower. It was much, much bigger than any kestrel, and those birds have a clutch of four eggs. It was obviously indulging in its taste for seafood. Or, at least, seagulls. Once the falcon left, smaller birds all came back to dry land.

You can see the Terminal Tower Falcon Webcam HERE:



  1. Great pics and good info, thanks! I never realized part of the lake actually didn’t freeze.

    Comment by Old NFO — Saturday, 11, April, 2009 @ 00:01 | Reply

  2. Thanks for that link…holy Moses, what an expression.

    Comment by Shay — Saturday, 11, April, 2009 @ 18:08 | Reply

  3. Great photo! I love peregrines, I love how they catch their food in mid-flight. Do they dive head first into the water after their prey.

    Comment by quinncreative — Saturday, 19, December, 2009 @ 17:53 | Reply

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