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Sunday, 22, March, 2009

He’s Right

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Carteach is.  Key graphs:

I think blogging is doing more to connect an interrelated world than anything else ever did. Millions of people have learned to write… to create images… and to communicate in ways never before seen. It’s pulling the whole world together, slowly, and in ways that must deeply concern those who thrive on conflict and secrecy.

Witness the way Christopher Dodd is having his whole political career reexamined in light of his personal involvement in every recent financial debacle. Look too how the great Barry O can’t manage to hide a single mistake he makes, even with the press in the tank for him.

With the internet, and blogging, people can TALK to each other… a LOT of people…. EVERY where . That’s an amazing change from ages past. It’s an incredible good for the people, and an insidious threat to politicians and authority. For them, it must seem like being a cockroach in a gymnasium full of people armed with flashlights and long sticks.

Smart people with the ability to communicate. It’s a wonderful thing. When time was, the ability to read could get you out of jail (Benefit of the Clergy). The printing press, literacy, and the ability to read have done more to de-centralize power than people realize (Bibles written in the language of the people were a tremendous affront against the established power structure)

Funny thing is, I tremendously enjoyed Between Silk and Cyanide, a memoir of a WWII code maker. All the difficulties in communicating between Occupied Europe and London. Now, the average person has better communications and better communications security than governments did in the 1940’s.

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