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Thursday, 19, March, 2009

Match Day

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match1Today is Match Day The day when all the fourth year medical students learn where they are going to spend their residency–or at least their internship year.

Most students go through the Match–there are some that go outside the match, usually these are older folks with one residency already, and some go through the Military Match, if their medical school has been paid for by the Armed Forces.

The Match is kind of arcane, with a lot of myths surrounding it.  When time was, pre-match, students might interview for residency and then be offered a spot.  Take it or leave it.  Once you were offered a spot, though, and you signed the contract, well, that was it.  Theoretically, it was possible to get out of a match contract, particularly in an employment at will state, but that could be career suicide.

Today, with the match, students interview at a series of residencies, and they put their rank-order list into the computer.  The residency programs rank order their applicants, and supposedly the highest-ranking residency gets their highest ranking student.  Supposedly it is almost high treason to go outside the match, or cut a deal, but rumor has it that 95% of the US medical students get their first choice of program, so go figure.

If you don’t match, the day before is the SCRAMBLE, as programs who haven’t filled try to find students who haven’t matched, and vice versa.  Some people COUPLES MATCH, which further complicates the matching algorithm in ways I can’t explain.  There will be happy, and disappointed people today around noon.

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  1. Where there is a system, there is a way to “work” the system… 🙂

    Comment by Old NFO — Thursday, 19, March, 2009 @ 14:16 | Reply

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