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Sunday, 15, March, 2009

I Guess I’m No Longer a Matinee Idol

Filed under: Japery,Self mockery,Teaching — williamthecoroner @ 10:37

When I get this e-mail:

I thought of you the other day as I was watching this awful, D-list horror film


Ok, It’s not as bad as all that, the film is titled Pathology, and has both Alyssa Milano and John DeLancie. The IMDB description gave me a spit-take

Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Ted Grey arrives at one of the nations most prestigious Pathology programs and is quickly noticed by the program’s privileged and elite band of pathology interns who invite him into their crowd.

I’ve never seen a privileged and elite band of pathology interns anywhere in the world. They also have a character named “Fat Bastard” That worries me more.

Oh, and how to commit the perfect murder? I figured that one out YEARS ago.



  1. I figured if she kept acting long enough, Alyssa Milano would appear in a movie or TV series that made Charmed seem plausible…

    Comment by Ambulance Driver — Sunday, 15, March, 2009 @ 13:07 | Reply

  2. IN crowd of pathology interns? Probably a generation of young hip doctors who grew up watching Who’s the Boss.

    Yeah right.

    Comment by Brigid — Sunday, 15, March, 2009 @ 20:40 | Reply

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