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Wednesday, 18, February, 2009

This is new?

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I read this article in the New York Times today.  The Old Grey Lady may have “All the News that’s Fit to Print” but this isn’t news.  I knew people who had this problem when I graduated from college in 1990.

Heavens, I was a full-time county employee and I was unable to obtain health insurance through my job for eighteen months.  I’m no stranger to the “Pray you don’t get sick health plan.”  I grant you, my case was highly unusual, and complicated by other full time county employees that were not doing their jobs.

In my case, we were not to be put on the county health plan for four months.  The responsible individual didn’t do the work, and I had to wait until the next open enrollment period to get health insurance.  I’m not sure how this person got away with it.  I do know that when another employee with three children lost her child care there was a department-wide benefits fair, and the people from the main county offices came to correct all the deficiencies.  But this was not unique.  One year another long-term (61 year veteran of county service, not that I’m still angry or nothing) refused to give me my W-2 at tax time.  I had to call the IRS for help.

(If you’ve never tried it, it is almost impossible to fill out a 1040 without a W-2 from your employer.)


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