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Wednesday, 18, February, 2009

A Small Lunchtime Conversation (A Play in One Act)

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The scene.  Dr. Z is eating with Prosecutors N, O, and P.  All initials have been changed, for reasons that will become obvious.

Prosecutor N “What was the problem with that GSI case?  [Prosecutor C] said she was a “bad victim”.  What was wrong?

Prosecutor P “C was referring to the fact that the victim had a Brazilian.  That’s what makes her a bad victim.”

Coroner Z “That’s it?  That’s why Prosecutor C doesn’t want to try the case?  I don’t see why that’s relevant.”

Prosecutor O buttering a roll “I don’t think you want to show that to a jury.”

Prosecutor P “I know, but that’s what Prosecutor C said.  It doesn’t make sense, but Prosecutor C is dead set against the victim.”

Coroner Z, waving a fork, “By extrapolation, that tells me a whole lot more about Prosecutor C’s body hair than I really wanted to know.”

Prosecutor P “I’m EATING Doc, OK?”



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  1. /snicker/ Obviously they have never been around fire/police/military humor…

    Comment by Old NFO — Thursday, 19, February, 2009 @ 17:05 | Reply

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