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Tuesday, 3, February, 2009

The Winter of Our Discontent

Filed under: Life, the universe, & everything. — williamthecoroner @ 19:52

My schedule is inverted.

I’m asleep during the day–today at my desk sitting upright at my computer. Dreaming, no less.

Then I go home and I wake up at 2000, and I’m bouncing off the walls ’til 4.

And it’s February. A dreary, dark, cold month.

Together, these add up to make me feel cold, tired, and bereft of stuff to say.




  1. I have been on the night owl shift for a week, now I have to force myself to go to sleep early. ugh. At least the sun was out today.

    Comment by Brigid — Wednesday, 4, February, 2009 @ 20:15 | Reply

  2. Yep, it pretty much sucks William, at least I have an excuse, having been in Japan for two weeks. Having said that, it’s still a pain when you wake at 0300 and want to go to bed at noon.

    Comment by Old NFO — Wednesday, 4, February, 2009 @ 20:24 | Reply

  3. Ach! It’s a terrible thing–and if you find your way out of it, please post your solution. I’m trapped in a weird cycle of 2-hours of twilight sleep, then morph into one of the walking (okay, wheeling) dead for the rest of the night. I snooze mid-afternoon. That’s what is keeping me so gosh-darned charmning ‘n all.

    Comment by Bianca Castafiore — Wednesday, 4, February, 2009 @ 22:56 | Reply

  4. IMO February should be officially designated the “my muse is a lazy, useless whore” month.

    Comment by SmartDogs — Thursday, 5, February, 2009 @ 01:48 | Reply

  5. Winter in NE OH this year is almost more than I can stand.

    I am up at odd hours too, though I can blame hot flashes 😉

    Comment by OHN — Thursday, 5, February, 2009 @ 07:30 | Reply

  6. Coffee in the morning and only in the morning might break the cycle. Although sadly, there is no cure for the dreary month of February.

    Comment by Katie — Thursday, 5, February, 2009 @ 16:32 | Reply

  7. My friend Fr. Spiffy (with ever the ecclesiastical context) noted that very day, with the sun shining into the cusp of the late afternoon, “Have you ever noticed that RIGHT at Candlemas, you really start to notice the days ARE getting longer?” ‘struth.

    Even while we have absurdly low temperature and a seemingly unending drift of snow, the days are stretching to spring.

    Comment by TeaWench — Thursday, 5, February, 2009 @ 23:30 | Reply

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