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Monday, 26, January, 2009

One Thing Went Right Today

Filed under: Self mockery,Teaching — williamthecoroner @ 16:28

Ignoring the spammer (please), my overdraft (oops) and Mr. Suicidal Bicyclist man during rush hour (it’ll buff out) I’ll be coordinating an autopsy experience for some law students. This means I’ll have given classes for the undergraduates, graduate students, nursing students, medical students, dental students and law students at my university. There is also a business school, an art school, an engineering school, and a school of social work, but I don’t expect to be working for them any time soon.


  1. I will never forget my first autopsy. I was the only one in the class leaning in for a closer look, everyone else was looking for trash cans to puke in. I guess I am a little twisted…but I found it fascinating!
    (Hello, by the way….I can’t remember how I ended up here, it was another blog that had you listed, you know how that goes:)Anyway, I will be back. Heaven knows I avoid working at all costs 😉

    Comment by OHN — Monday, 26, January, 2009 @ 19:29 | Reply

  2. Nothing a pint of Ale and a Cornish Pasty wouldn’t cure.

    At least in my book.

    Comment by Brigid — Monday, 26, January, 2009 @ 21:02 | Reply

  3. I’m sure if you thought about it for a minute or two, you could find a way to speak in every one of those schools to get 100%.

    Comment by Denise — Tuesday, 27, January, 2009 @ 01:22 | Reply

  4. As long as it’s not a floater, it should be survivable for everybody.

    Comment by Old NFO — Tuesday, 27, January, 2009 @ 08:30 | Reply

  5. I think art is a natural! Graphic artists need to look at anatomy and stuff closely, and learn to illustrate stuff!

    Comment by Bardiac — Tuesday, 27, January, 2009 @ 13:48 | Reply

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