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Friday, 23, January, 2009

That’s Nice To Hear

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An e-mail from an old student

I am currently writing you from the Caribbean island of Dominica, where I am taking a break from Medical Biochemistry. I was accepted almost immediately to Ross University, and took it. I can not thank you enough for your help in getting me here. I’ll spend the next year and a half here on Dominica, and then return to the states to do my rotations.

Seriously, you were fantastic. They were impressed with my credentials and my recommendations and offered me a spot one week after the interview. Faced with transplanting my family and having to face another year on a wait list, I chose the former. [SNIP] Anyway, my stories from your class are gaining notariety, and I even had my now-useless cell-phone to show everyone the pictures I took the day you handcuffed everyone.

[SNIP] now I can show this school how well I can handle the subject matter. Gross Anatomy is really easy so far, and they take a whole year to do what I had to accomplish in a single semester. I plan on knocking the USMLE I out of the park on the first try,


  1. “The day you handcuffed everyone.” ???

    Hmmm? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Comment by Crucis — Friday, 23, January, 2009 @ 18:43 | Reply

    • Deaths in Custody lecture.

      Comment by williamthecoroner — Monday, 26, January, 2009 @ 16:36

  2. now that I’m out of Evil Grad School and am no longer so bitter and depressed, I actually find myself wondering how cool it would be to attend your grad school.

    (Don’t worry, it’s only a teeny, tiny little fantasy.)

    But speaking of handcuffs, I was going through security at the Department of the Interior today… it turns out the reason why I ALWAYS have to take off my belt and shoes is because I make security guards nervous. I don’t know how I do it (being 5’6″, female, blond, and blue-eyed) but it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    It happened at the USDA building, at the GSA building, and at Main Interior.

    So when I read the thing about handcuffs, I was all like, man, so glad I wasn’t there for that! LOL

    Comment by Katherine — Friday, 23, January, 2009 @ 22:45 | Reply

  3. Yeah–it’s really hard when you have to find enough pockets for a dozen pair. I wear a vested suit that day.

    Comment by williamthecoroner — Friday, 23, January, 2009 @ 22:52 | Reply

  4. Ross University tends to have better views that most med schools I think. Though they should definitely get out of Portsmouth and take a trip to Scotts Head. There are a lot of spectacular natural sites to see too. Diablotin is near Portsmouth and has a spectacular view.

    Comment by diggher — Saturday, 24, January, 2009 @ 12:56 | Reply

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I get waay too many hits from “raising chincillas”….

    Comment by rethoryke — Sunday, 25, January, 2009 @ 21:00 | Reply

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