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Monday, 19, January, 2009

Holly’s A Gunblogger Now.

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The story is HERE NSFW, though.  I find it interesting, how three groups who have been picked on for a long time, seem to want to avoid, if not actively abhor a tool that will level the playing field.  I refer to women, Blacks, and freedomU.S. Jews.  Look here for another take.dredscott

God made man, Col. Colt made him equal.  A lot of gun control legislation was conceived and pushed into place to disarm political opponents, including the Sullivan act. I’ve taught several women to shoot.  Given the disparity in size and strength between a large (or medium-sized) man and a woman, a firearm is one tool that can minimize that disparity.

Like any tool, you need to know how to use it properly, have it available, and to practice, so you know what you’re doing.  By itself, it’s not a magic wand.  But the first step is ownership.

Images courtesy Oleg Volk


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  1. Thanks for the link to my humble post. If a lot of people are getting nervous at the same time, as it appears, does it mean we have something to be nervous about?

    Comment by totwtytr — Tuesday, 20, January, 2009 @ 20:42 | Reply

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