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Sunday, 28, December, 2008

I’ve got to learn

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to stop reading the New York Times.  I’ve long ago given up on the Cleveland paper, which has articles from, you guessed it, the New York Times.  Only a day later.

But I just read this article, about a jail in a mostly latino New England town.  The big premise is that “There are people in this jail that have committed no crime.  They are there due to the crackdown on illegal immigration.”

Excuse me?  They are illegal immigrants.  They are waiting to be seen by an Immigration judge, prior to deportation. Oh, and if you let them out on bail, a lot of them don’t show up to be deported.   These people have committed crimes.  Immigration crimes.

I am not anti-immigrant.  My family came to this country via Philadelphia and Boston.   I know good, hardworking people who are American citzens who were not born here.  The folks I know and work with played by the rules.   I WANT them as U.S. Citizens, because they respect American laws, and worked hard to get their citizenship.

Look.  You want to change immigration law, go lobby and change it.  America is great because of the wide variety of people who come here and make a new life for themselves.  Do it the right way, though.


  1. I don’t understand why people don’t think illegal aliens aren’t criminals. They committed a crime coming here and continue to commit a crime by staying here. Many commit crimes while staying here.

    It’s not rocket science, folks!

    Comment by Crucis — Sunday, 28, December, 2008 @ 19:05 | Reply

  2. When I read the article, the message I took away was — and I think this actually was in the blurb accompanying the print version — that the big story was irony: a jail that was supposed to make things better for the people in the town, something that was supposed to bring money into the community, was not bringing in the anticipated revenue, but _was_ revealing that a good portion of the people in the community were eligible for incarceration there.

    The remainder of the article seemed to be talking about due process, and honestly, I don’t know what the due process is for people who are not in possession of their residency paperwork at the time of arrest. If it turns out that someone doesn’t own such paperwork, that is certainly a problem! [But I’d hate for someone to make a mistake with a member of my family and send them down a rabbit hole without calling next of kin/allowing a call to a lawyer…I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to confiscate your weapons because of a paperwork problem that could have been straightened out in a civilized fashion].

    To go back to your original source of exasperation, if someone isn’t here legally, yes, they should be deported. Out of the country, back to their country of origin. You’d think it would be in everyone’s interest if that was both practiced _and_ publicized. Can’t find Uncle Thus-and-so? Here’s why. _And_ we’ve arrested his three last employers, for breaking the law in an equally bad way — those are the people who should be in that jail….

    [And yes, things are more complicated than this all around. But I still think the NY Times article was more about how certain communities were sold a bill of goods about what a jail could do for their economy. We have one of the highest incarceration rate among first world nations, and have made an industry out of that kind of social control, but can’t run a decent car company.]

    Comment by Thoryke — Sunday, 28, December, 2008 @ 19:57 | Reply

  3. Dead on Crucis… It’s the LWL media that believes illegal immigration is not a crime…

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 28, December, 2008 @ 21:31 | Reply

  4. I am always baffled, but not surprised, when people talk about illegal immigrants and then in the next sentence tell me that they are not criminals. I even had one girl tell me that her father helps illegal immigrants get fake social security numbers and that those immigrants are legally here with the fake social security numbers. Uhhhhh, yeah….I could have smacked the living crap out of her.

    Comment by Anthony — Monday, 29, December, 2008 @ 13:52 | Reply

  5. AUGH! G-Veg just had a stroke after reading Anthony’s comment.

    Comment by crankylitprof — Tuesday, 30, December, 2008 @ 21:33 | Reply

  6. Maybe they use those fake SSN’s to pay taxes….. yeah, right.

    Comment by LisaK — Wednesday, 31, December, 2008 @ 15:45 | Reply

  7. Around these parts you aren’t considered a “good” Californian unless you readily accept illegal immigration as part of a legitimate means of coming here. The thing that kills me is that this argument is always made on the premise that tolerating the presence of people who are not here legally is somehow humanitarian. The pro-illegal immigration morons have yet to acknowledge that the reason illegals are so popular in employment circles is because you can demand that they do anything. Have a field that’s been freshly dusted with harmful pesticides? Send out the illegals to work in them. Don’t want to comply with OSHA regulations? Hire illegals and don’t worry about blowing your budget on safety equipment. Have an industrial gig that spews carcinogens? Send in the illegals to do the work. You can have illegals do anything and never have to worry about their health or safety because, hell! They’re not really here now are they? Technically, they don’t exist!

    …and these mush-minded jackasses who are so “open minded” and “tolerant” of our fellow humans flooding over the border have never paid the slightest bit of attention to the proof of the catastrophic birth defects, illnesses and premature death that often result from the exploitation of our illegal workforce. Seems that nobody wants to accept the fact that legal immigration through the proper channels benefits both the U.S. and the people who wish to come here.

    Comment by Steph — Thursday, 1, January, 2009 @ 16:02 | Reply

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