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Wednesday, 19, November, 2008

THIS is Why I Interview

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Admissions interviews are kind of a crap-shoot. My school is lucky, in that gave thousands of applicants for 150 slots. We could admit a class, get rid of them, admit a second class, get rid of them, and admit the third string, and have a perfectly good medical school class. You’re never sure what will wander through your door. Last year, I interviewed a guy from LA, who was running two clinics in Los Angeles, one in a Korean neighborhood, one in the ghetto. His family was from Mexico, you could hear the Spanish in his voice–though he was perfectly fluent in English.

Now, what an opportunity. We didn’t talk about medical school, we talked about immigration, and health care for the underserved, and insurance. That was as much an education for me as it was my trying to sell the school to him. I didn’t by the way, he went elsewhere. But he could have chosen his school at will, pretty much.

The other day, I found myself talking to a Nigerian. He wants to go to school in the US, learn medicine, and then go back and work on the health problems in Nigeria. The biggest one? Malaria. Not HIV/AIDS. Evidently everyone has malaria in Nigeria, it is like a cold in the US. People who need treatment in Nigeria go to New York or London, for good medicine. If they can afford it, that is.

Funny thing, though, is that this guy also gets those dumb 419 scam e-mails.


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