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Sunday, 26, October, 2008

There IS More Wildlife Around

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than there used to be, or perhaps I’m noticing it more.  I was at the Koehn’s Christmas House (which soon will be open all year) scoping it out.  Their property backs up onto a tributary of Euclid Creek, and there are parklands there.  A nice six-point buck wandered past.  Now, this house is in South Euclid.  It’s URBAN.  There were farms there at one point, but that point ended around, oh, 1950. 

Coming back by the Shaker Lakes, I ran across a red-tail that had taken a squirrel like this one:  This isn’t MY image, it is from a gentleman in Georgia who does falconry.  His hawk is wearing jesses (the leather things around the legs).  The red-tail I saw was a juvenile, and was having difficulty with a big squirrel getting altitude (getting out of the street, actually)

Either I’m seeing more deer and wildlife lately, or I’m percieving them better.  Just the other day six deer were on the corner of Coventry and South Park.  It was during rush hour, and I’m glad nothing untoward happened.


  1. Neat to watch! I’m lucky, my neighbor has a bird feeder, so I get watch the occasional red tail or pegrine get a work out trying to hit the doves that poach on the bird feeders!

    Comment by Old NFO — Sunday, 26, October, 2008 @ 15:11 | Reply

  2. I almost clipped a doe on Chagrin Blvd, just east of Richmond last night, and the wild turkeys (avian sort) were gathered outside the church hall mid-day today.

    Rural has to overlap urban till developers finsh getting the world paved over. (what mythical year was BRAZIL set in…?

    Comment by TeaWench — Sunday, 26, October, 2008 @ 21:52 | Reply

  3. Kansas City imported Peregrine Falcons into the down-town area a decade or so ago to trim the pigeon population. It was a great success. The city even fixed up web-cams on the Falcon nests to watch eggs hatch and younglings learn to fly.

    Comment by Crucis — Monday, 27, October, 2008 @ 12:00 | Reply

  4. There IS more wildlife- a lot more. Thanks to their incredibly boneheaded collective decision that people need to be in a constant state of panic in order to respond to a conservationist or environmentalist message, the success story that has been American wildlife has been incredibly overlooked.

    Comment by LabRat — Monday, 27, October, 2008 @ 19:37 | Reply

  5. Columbus tried to settle Perigrine falcons downtown for much the same reason, but most of ours took off for parts unknown — not that I blame them.

    Comment by marcia (2) — Tuesday, 28, October, 2008 @ 10:03 | Reply

  6. I live in an apartment near the southwest edge of a Small Town of about 60k, and I can hear coyotes at night. Also, there’s always plenty of roadkill evidence for other apparently abundant nocturnal wildlife such as skunks, possums, and raccoons, which makes me rather sad. On the upside, since Small Town is still surrounded by lots of farmland, I often see hawks, falcons and kites hunting for breakfast and/or dinner on my commute to or from work.

    Comment by Miz Minka — Wednesday, 29, October, 2008 @ 14:42 | Reply

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