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Tuesday, 21, October, 2008

Absentee Ballot

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I voted today.  Ohio has a generous absentee policy, and I know I will be in the morgue come election day, so that frees up a spot in line for someone else.

The “bailout” got me rather annoyed.  I’m thinking that a bailout might not be a bad idea, but it didn’t go far enough.  Most of us have to live on planet budget.  If you want your company bailed out, to protect the economy, fine, but I do think public execution of the morons who permitted it is the LEAST they could do to make amends.

There are issues that are important to me, particularly health care, fiscal responsibility, and the second amendment.  There are also people I want to vote against.  I think it’s really quite shameful how low the turnout is in elections, particularly during  non-presidential election years.

The secret ballot was invented in the 1800s in Australia, so people could vote their conscience.  In Appenzell, Switzerland, the men carry the family swords with them as they vote, as a symbol of how they earned and keep the franchise.  3,155 Union men at Gettysburg are dead.  6,825 Americans died on Iwo Jima.  2,836 Americans died at the Chosin Reservoir.  One of the reasons they gave their lives was for us to vote in free elections.

You can have my place in line on 4th November.  Polls open at 0730.


  1. Totally agree on the public execution part. I wouldn’t mind being on the firing squad for that one.

    Comment by marcia (2) — Wednesday, 22, October, 2008 @ 11:04 | Reply

  2. Ah, I see you edited your comments and removed mine. I agree with the original sentiment, and would like to add I don’t believe either of us meant it literally (well, at least I didn’t). But your choice was probably wise. Was that cryptic enough?

    Comment by marcia (2) — Wednesday, 22, October, 2008 @ 11:48 | Reply

  3. Now I’m really confused.

    Comment by marcia (2) — Wednesday, 22, October, 2008 @ 12:10 | Reply

  4. YOU’RE confused??? How do you think I feel?

    Comment by williamthecoroner — Wednesday, 22, October, 2008 @ 12:18 | Reply

  5. ROFL! Sorry. When I returned to the page to see if anyone else had responded, my browser showed zero comments (even tho I could see my original comment), so I reread your article and somehow missed the public execution part on the second reading, which lead me to believe you’d been alarmed by the response I’d given, so had taken it down and changed your article. So I added the second comment, which was meant to be cryptic because of what I thought had happened. The third time I returned to the page, I was able to see both comments 1 and 2, and also found the public execution statement in your article, so I was confused and added comment 3. Are we on the same page now? lol

    Believe it or not, my reading comprehension is usually good and I tested well in college. Go figure.

    Comment by marcia (2) — Wednesday, 22, October, 2008 @ 12:37 | Reply

  6. And three teenagers died at Philadelphia, Mississippi helping register people to vote. They paid with their lives, died at the hands of the local police. The incident was memorialized in popular culture as the film Mississippi Burning.

    Voting matters. I did not think when I grew up hearing my very racist, sexist southern family talk about blacks and women the way they did that we would have this historic election year. Are those days over, no but at least the hatred isn’t a secret anymore.

    Great blog.

    Comment by jaye — Thursday, 23, October, 2008 @ 01:57 | Reply

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