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Tuesday, 7, October, 2008

FBI Visit

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I took my graduate class to visit the FBI field office today. It was very impressive.

They’ve moved most of the FBI offices out of Federal Buildings and into stand-alone ones. Getting rid of the targets, I suppose. But this office was NICE. Flossy, new, well-maintained. The Cleveland Federal Building is frankly a dump.

We had a very impressive tour of the building, including the weapons locker and the incident command post (Lake County has a better one, but hey) and then a two-hour long demonstration of evidence and body recovery from the evidence response team leader.  Then the public affairs officer tried to recruit my students, as there is a hiring push on.

Some students had to leave early for an exam in another course. One guy, wanted to leave even earlier, because he wanted lunch. I suggested that tours of the FBI field office don’t come around every day, and that there were 3 McDonald’s and 2 Burger Kings en route to the school. How could you WANT to leave early?

I DID stop at the Mickey’s because I was hungry, and this is the McDonald’s where there is a cat colony. So, I got the 20 piece McNuggets (5 for me 15 for the cats) and tried to make friends. Yes, they can has cheezburger. Two tuxedo cats, a tortoiseshell momma, and a little ginger one, but only a tuxedo one was brave. He ate the nuggets, but kept eyeing me as if he didn’t trust me. I guess he didn’t. And the last thing I need are new, well other cats. I just hate to see them living in a junkyard.



  1. If you ever take a field trip to Kansas, the barn cats will love you. They grow tired of dry cat food, mice and me.

    Comment by Somerled — Tuesday, 7, October, 2008 @ 08:27 | Reply

  2. I used to work in a southern state, with a ‘cat tree’ next to our building.
    At any point during the day 40-50 strays were there…..

    Few would come close, but I shared lunch on many… many… days.

    Comment by carteach0 — Tuesday, 7, October, 2008 @ 15:06 | Reply

  3. Since the price of cat food is getting high, you all are welcome to come feed my cats anytime you’re in the Columbus area. We have 13 indoor cats. Long story. Bad choices.

    Comment by marcia (2) — Tuesday, 7, October, 2008 @ 15:46 | Reply

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