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Saturday, 4, October, 2008

What he said…

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Col. Jeff Cooper

Col. Jeff Cooper

“Most people have opinions about just everything there is, but the value of those opinions is directly proportional to whatever experience and knowledge they have of the subject in question. If we are talking about brain surgery you don’t want to do anything based on my opinions, because clearly I’m not a surgeon.”—
Jeff Cooper



H/T Xavier



  1. Jeff Cooper was the one who turned me onto reading Thomas Sowell. When Col. Cooper put his stamp of approval on anything, it wasn’t done flippantly.

    Comment by Somerled — Saturday, 4, October, 2008 @ 20:38 | Reply

  2. Common sense- A novel concept these days, in addition to actually limiting your comments to something you actually know something about (like global warming or lack thereof).

    Comment by Old NFO — Monday, 6, October, 2008 @ 07:06 | Reply

  3. Brain surgeon.

    While in the hospital recently, i was stuck in the hallway after my x-rays, being subjected to the MTV’s show about Paris Hilton looking for a new best friend. They interviewed one girl who wanted the position because “Well, I really like to party, and i’m not a big rocket surgeon or anything.”

    Rocket surgeon, she said. She’s not a ‘rocket surgeon.’ My jaw dropped.

    What do you want to bet she’s not a ‘brain scientist’ either?

    Comment by Jeannene — Monday, 6, October, 2008 @ 09:42 | Reply

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