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Wednesday, 30, July, 2008

Put Down The Keyboard and Step Slowly Away From It

Filed under: Oddness — williamthecoroner @ 09:48

It is always an ego boost to find out that women have been dreaming about me. Unfortunately is wasn’t a naughty dream, or so she says, but one cannot have everything. Though on further consideration, I wonder what sort of recreational pharmaceuticals an English professor with three kids is getting into, anyway?

Anyway, it’s not like the odd body modification dreams other folks have reported, so the herb must not have been too good, anyway… Though with Carteach as Q and Marko as Pinky, you gotta wonder…


  1. It was very “Mulder and Scully,” actually.

    True to form, you did foam at the mouth and shout that DNA results didn’t come back in an hour.

    And I’m telling you: our flying saucer was pimp.

    Comment by CrankyProf — Wednesday, 30, July, 2008 @ 11:45 | Reply

  2. I want fuzzy dice on my flying saucer!

    Comment by williamthecoroner — Wednesday, 30, July, 2008 @ 11:54 | Reply

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