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Monday, 21, July, 2008

Five Minute Ucite

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Part of my continuing faculty development course I took last year involved watching Fr. Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University. He distilled everything you learn and retain in college to five minutes. That’s uncomfortably close to the truth. But I did find the five-minute summary of my faculty development course, which is useful as I think about developing my new courses.  The Five-Minute UCITE

  • Less is more; change what you’re doing every 8-10 minutes
  • Have them talk to each other
  • Fish is fish. Whatever you say, students will filter it through their prior experiences
  • Whatever your learning style, it is different than ¾ of your students
  • Prior experience is key—they learn by starting with what they already know
  • Students have to be emotionally engaged to learn—it’s your job to make that happen
  • Draw a concept map and use it for each of your courses (if you can’t figure out what the most important three things are and show they’re related, neither will your students)
  • Align your goals, your teaching methods, and your assessments
  • Use grading rubrics, especially for writing assignments
  • Make your feedback clear, frequent, and helpful
  • The first five minutes are critical. Lean forward and smile, be enthusiastic
  • Get to know them—learn their names
  • Groups are good—let them figure out the grading and discuss the ground rules
  • Allow them choice if possible
  • Start with them—it’s really about their learning, not your teaching

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  1. Excellent points. This is something that is difficult to explain to the teachers, who claim, “I taught them. It’s their responsibility to learn.”

    Comment by Rogue Medic — Tuesday, 22, July, 2008 @ 12:29 | Reply

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