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Friday, 18, July, 2008

Ceveland Museum of Art Greatest Hits.

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After years and a lot of fooling around, the 1916 wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art is finally open, as is the cafe. The cafe has improved a lot since the fine tradition of bony haddock and watery cauliflower that I remember so well from the 1970’s. I got to see the museum this evening. It’s nice to have it open again, but they’re still working on it–and I still think the 1970 edition is bloody awful architecture.
It was a “greatest hits” complation. No ancient art, no Asian art, nothing earlier than the Armour Court–which still looks good. But some old friends were there, the Frank Lloyd Wright casement window, Lucius Cranach the Elder’s Hunt near Hartenfels Castle, Rockwell Kent’s Maine Coast, (one of my particular favourites)Rubens Diana and Her Nymphs Ready for the Hunt A Sargent portrait, Stag at Sharkey’sAnd finally David’s Cupid and Psyche, the very exemplar of a “shit-eating grin.”. The only thing really missing, my most favourite of all, is Cox’ Grey and Gold.


  1. Sounds like a nice(er) museum today. Museums are interesting places to find the occasional treasures that are hidden away.

    Comment by Old NFO — Saturday, 19, July, 2008 @ 23:12 | Reply

  2. I can honestly think of nothing that sounds more pleasant now than to visit an art museum and stumble upon that Frank Lloyd Wright casement window.

    Comment by Steph — Saturday, 19, July, 2008 @ 23:35 | Reply

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