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Tuesday, 15, July, 2008

The Heinleinian Ideal: Philosopher, Soldier, Artist, Rogue

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Brigid the Fair was unhappy last night. A heartfelt post about life and death got two comments, a post about a jalepeno cheeseburger with pepper jack got fifteen. Now, truth to tell, that was one heck of a burger.

I was thinking about Brigid, as I made my Red Dwarf sandwich* tonight. I had teased her last night, advising her to play to her strengths. As I was cooking though, I was thinking about what Colonel Colin (Richard Ames) Campbell said to Gwen Novak in the Cat Who Walks Through Walls, as they were moving out of his compartment in the Golden Rule habitat. He keeps a varied cupboard, as a writer never knows when he’ll need some Limberger cheese (or some other thing) to break his writer’s block.

A commenter on Brigid’s blog asked her if she were either a contract killer or a medical examiner. I needed a new keyboard after I read that one. (She’s neither, by the way) but in her own way she does meet the Heinleinian ideal of philosopher, soldier, artist & rogue. And she’s a good cook too. Come for the food, stay for the philosophy. Enjoy the way she fan-dances with words. I write reports for a living, but she’s just BETTER at it. She believes in personal responsibility, too.

*Holly “You made a fried-egg sandwich with chili, cheese, and chutney?”

Lister “It’s a state of the art sarnie, man!”

Holly “It’s the state of the floor I’m worried about.”


  1. Dr. Z – as always, you know what to say to make me feel better. Kinder words could not have been written, my friend. I will be in “lecture at the academy mode” during the b-day party, but I will be up your way soon. And yes, I am seriously bummed about being gone during the New England Sseminar in Forensic Sciences. I should have done Dr. Davis’ lecure. He might be tenured, but I have more work in the field. And I look better in a little black dress. Oh well. . 🙂

    Comment by Brigid — Tuesday, 15, July, 2008 @ 19:32 | Reply

  2. I suppose we’ll all have to start commenting on her posts a bit more…it’s just difficult because at the end of some of them (the “Call of the Beguiled” was one of them) I feel like I have nothing to say and/or that what I say will be bleak, trivial and hollow in light of what I’ve just read. She’s got a great talent for writing and undoubtedly seems like somebody I’ll be humbled to be able to say, “I remember when she was just getting started as a blogger.” There are a few of those now…the first work of Lee Harris and the basis of his book “Civilization and It’s Enemies” was first published on a political weblog I co-ran some years back. She certainly has the innate talent to write and wonderful grasp of imagery, her blog posts are eagerly looked forward to here because, even if the subject material doesn’t necessarily interest me, I know that it will be beautifully written and a joy to read.

    And I’ll attest that the Heinlein reference is accurate…I myself began the day knocking down some steel with my trusty CZ-75, spent a few hours working on the site for my return to blogging after a 3 year hiatus, visited Mom and showed her how to properly make risotto (and this is the woman I credit for teaching ME how to cook) and spent the early evening photographing some beautiful pink tiger lilies she has in the garden. Just another bitter, gun owning redneck I guess…

    Comment by Gregory Markle — Tuesday, 15, July, 2008 @ 20:44 | Reply

  3. I’m only 50% of Brigid, being Artist and Rogue. But I make up for it by being small and cute.

    Comment by Sparrow — Tuesday, 15, July, 2008 @ 22:33 | Reply

  4. And feathery. Did I mention feathery?

    Comment by Sparrow — Tuesday, 15, July, 2008 @ 22:33 | Reply

  5. Sparrow – ha!!! Small and cute has major selling points (I’m tall and intimidating). Enjoying the trip??

    Comment by Brigid — Wednesday, 16, July, 2008 @ 05:19 | Reply

  6. “I feel like I have nothing to say and/or that what I say will be bleak, trivial and hollow in light of what I’ve just read.”

    That’s been my reaction to many of her posts also.

    Comment by BobG — Wednesday, 16, July, 2008 @ 09:58 | Reply

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