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Wednesday, 9, July, 2008

Gaelic Storm

Filed under: Poetry — williamthecoroner @ 10:51

These guys are kind of aggressively up-tempo.  This makes me wonder if their energy is sustained by some sort of exogenous substance.  I’d suspect uisce beatha, but they speak so quickly here I think that can be ruled out of the differential.



  1. They rock – especially live. I wouldn’t have that energy with two pots of Gevalia and a cattle prod.

    And by the way. .

    BLIMPHT!!!! (arrived today. . thanks)

    Comment by Brigid — Wednesday, 9, July, 2008 @ 19:35 | Reply

  2. Great group – I’ve got several of their CD’s

    And I think they were the group in the Titanic movie Steerage Party Scene. At least, that music is on one of the CD’s

    Comment by Jeanne — Friday, 11, July, 2008 @ 10:58 | Reply

  3. Jeanne

    Yes, they were.

    Comment by williamthecoroner — Friday, 11, July, 2008 @ 16:38 | Reply

  4. Nope, no extraneous help. Just Irish lads.

    Comment by Robohobo — Wednesday, 16, July, 2008 @ 15:02 | Reply

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