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Saturday, 28, June, 2008

Up Your Kilt

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Today is the Ohio Scottish Games, in Wellington, Ohio.  I had thought about going.  Frankly, I preferred things when the games were in Oberlin, Ohio as it’s a trifle closer and it’s shadier.  The Lorain County Fairgrounds are flat and surrounded on three sides by railroad tracks.  The scene is spectacular, but there’s very little shade on the grounds and none on the car park.

The sky, however, was dark black, and off to the west it was grey with a slight greenish tinge.  This I took to be a sign.  Not quite In Hoc Signo VInces, but rather, stay home out of the storms!  The storms have come and gone, and I didn’t have to pay $15.00 to be wet.  I did not see the highland cattle (and the poor things look like they are gonna wilt in Ohio summer heat) or get a corn dog (probably for the best, considering), but there are other times.  The highland games are also where I first saw Alasdair Fraser, a fantastic Scottish fiddler, but, again, there will be other times.

This evening, though, the cirrus clouds were caught by the sun, and were a luminescent pink against blue that looked like an oil painting that is sold in the motel by the freeway.  It’s cool, it’s breezy, and you can tell it is summer, the first lightning bugs are out. 


  1. So ye missed the sartorial tragedy of the pipe band whose bus caught fire and burned up all their kilts & kit. They seemed to have the presence of mind to have their pipes with them and so competed while wearing shorts and teeshirts and won the day, but oh, it makes one cry to think of all that expensive oufits in charred shreds!

    Comment by TeaWench — Saturday, 28, June, 2008 @ 22:59 | Reply

  2. How I miss lightning bugs! Have never seen one here in 34 years. Sad.

    Comment by Jean — Sunday, 29, June, 2008 @ 10:22 | Reply

  3. Jean – I was so surpised when I found out that lightening bugs are highly regional, and don’t exist everwhere. A friend-of-a-friend who was teaching a Scottish harp tutorial out Oberlin way a few years back was from Scotland and had never seen the illuminated buggies. Her delited response to them was “oh, there really ARE faeries at the bottom of the garden!”

    Comment by TeaWench — Sunday, 29, June, 2008 @ 15:13 | Reply

  4. Those shaggy cattle are magnificent looking, aren’t they?

    One of these days I’d liked to see lightning bugs; I’m 56 and have never seen one. We don’t have them or turtles here in Utah.

    Comment by BobG — Monday, 30, June, 2008 @ 13:18 | Reply

  5. TeaWench…I grew up in northeast Ohio and did the usual ‘catch them and put them in a glass jar and then shake ’em all night instead of sleep’ thing.
    I love them. …and, yes, they could be fairies couldn’t they?

    Comment by Jean — Monday, 30, June, 2008 @ 19:26 | Reply

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