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Thursday, 24, April, 2008

Anatomy and Physiology Week 13

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The magnolias and daffodils are all out at Small Liberal Arts College. The black squirrels are also running around begging. I had a meeting with the dean, to touch base. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I think I went through the minefields (reproductive system anyone) fairly professionally. The students who wanted information on health professional schools were disappointed when I pointed out the opportunity costs.

I think eighteen- to twenty-year-olds want to hear about how neat and exciting being a doctor is, and how you have a rewarding career helping people. Well, you do. But you do put your life on hold for part of the training, and it makes having a child difficult (if you want one, that is) and it’s not all happiness and puppies.

I then went noodling around town. Though I think of the town as a college town, there’s a lot of heavy industry around. The housing stock is interesting, lots of old Victorians and craftsman style houses. But driving around, there were three plants that did something with titanium, a huge scrap metal yard that was chewing apart an old RTA bus, among other things, an architectural salvage yard, two large builder’s yards, and a small freight yard.

There was also a Hungarian bakery–with very good stuff, an art pottery, a tile studio, the modern books shop (complete with the cat, Booker) and the used book shop. The town is also the county seat, so there’s the courthouse, the library (with bookmobile, hadn’t seen one of those in thirty years) the county garage, justice centre, and the fairgrounds. You could tell the difference, looking at the houses, where the faculty live, where the captains of industry live, and where the folks live. It’s a very industrial town in certain places.

I got back in time for class. Today was the review session, class evaluations, and hand out the study guide. I still got some flack for not giving a take home test. But I did summarize the high-value material in the study guide. It is a science course after all. I think it’s not unreasonable to ask the students to, you know, actually know stuff. Like organs, and where they’re located, and what they do. The twelve cranial nerves are fair game, too.

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  1. Hungarian bakery? Oh, you must so give me the details on this one…

    And here I thought I knew every Hungarian bakery within a hundred mile radius…

    Comment by Katie — Friday, 25, April, 2008 @ 17:37 | Reply

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