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Monday, 21, April, 2008

Spring In Cleveland…

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Is the time for daffodils.  From Liberty Boulevard, where the Job Corps people have been planting bulbs madly  around the Cultural Gardens, to the OHIO spelled out in script daffodils on the westbound approach to the Valley View Bridge, to Daffodil hill in Lake View Cemetery–where the bulbs are naturalizing their little hearts out, to my side lawn.  For all their faults–and they were quite wierd, the Van Sweringen brothers were smart, and kept a lot of the big trees in the city.  This makes an amazing difference.  A neighborhood with trees just looks better. 

But trees get old, and eventually need to be replaced.  I HAD two large silver maples and a rowan in my front yard, that shaded the house and soaked up the western sun.  They have since passed, and the side yard next to the drive is almost impossible to mow.  It’s uneven, it’s narrow, it’s a pain.  So, I mulched it, and have been putting daffodil bulbs in it every fall.  Yellow ones, big ones, little yellow ones, paperwhites, and bicoloured ones, with the white petals and an orange or a pink trumpet. 

They all came out this week, and many of them were retained, and not sacrificed to the backhoe or the neighborhood squirrels.


  1. Picture, please!

    Comment by Angry Professor — Monday, 21, April, 2008 @ 19:56 | Reply

  2. I used to have a large silver maple in my front yard, & I’d taken care of it, remembering an arborist who told me that they were considered “trash trees” because they had a much more limited life expectancy of 60-75 years, but grew fast. I miss the shade on my front porch, especially midsummer when it’s too scorching without the tree to relax out there. I love how the leaves would turn silver side up just before a rain. I also miss the crabapple that the cats used to climb to get to the the roof to visit me in my studio. That got a memorial embroidery piece when it died and became fragrant firewood.

    Comment by TeaWench — Tuesday, 22, April, 2008 @ 00:12 | Reply

  3. Yes, indeed, what Angry Professor said: picture, please!

    Comment by Miz Minka — Tuesday, 22, April, 2008 @ 17:15 | Reply

  4. Sigh… I miss trees, and flowers… I HATE living in a %^&* apartment.

    Funny tree story- In 1978 I bought my first house in Florida- Typical subdivision, not a tree in sight. I went out and ‘borrowed’ a couple of little (4 foot) oaks from the nearby woods. Fed em, watered em, fertilized the hell out of em… Moved 10 years later, they were about 20-25 feet high. I was back there late last year, both of them survived, both are over 50′ and shade both the front and back of the house! The current owner couldn’t be happier (other than mowing acorns up).

    Comment by Old NFO — Tuesday, 22, April, 2008 @ 17:31 | Reply

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